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Makakilo-Kapolei-KoOlina Board Member Recommendations

Kioni Dudley

April 29, 2011

by Kioni Dudley, Ph.D.

Dr. Kioni Dudley has been a homeowner in Makakilo since 1979, and was a member of the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board for over 12 years. He has been a strong voice for the people. He is the president of Friends of Makakilo, the president of Save Oahu Farmlands and a leader in the effort to Get Transit Right. He is a retired educator, and author of books and articles about Hawaii.

We finally have a chance to create a neighborhood board for the Makakilo-Kapolei-KoOlina area that represents the people. You need to vote by computer only between Monday, May 2 and May 20.

In the past, I have called together candidates and formed a slate, and we have campaigned together. This year, I am just sending out a list of candidates that I personally
support. Some candidates may be surprised to find that they are on the list. Not all share my hopes and aspirations for the area, but it is nine people that I think represent the various views in the community, and that can work together productively and serve the community well.

Kioni Dudley [Hawaii Political Info note: See above short bio]

Thad – a young fellow who cares enough about the community to attend NB meetings regularly. Active in the Friends of Makakilo and in the Save O’ahu Farmlands Alliance. Fresh ideas.

Mike Madix -- serves in Navy reserves, married into local family, calls Hawaii home. Has served on Palehua Community Association Board, active at St. Jude Church. Member, Friends of Makakilo

Jack Legal – Has been on the Neighborhood Board for two years. Owns a real estate company. Is very concerned about Hawaii. An independent thinker, but we most often come down on the same side about things.

George Yamamoto – Retired police captain. On the Neighborhood Board for many years. We disagree on approach, but usually not much on substance. Has long been my strongest ally on the board.

Evelyn Souza – years as parent coordinator for community schools; now works for Councilman Tom Berg. Has loyalties to both sides of many issues. Will offer variant views and will balance the board discussions.

Jame Schaedel – Grad of Kamehameha; works for Rep. Sharon Har; serves in US Army Reserve. Should bring new views to the Board.

Kaipo Pomaikai – Served on Waianae and Nanakuli Boards. Recently moved to Kapolei Homestead. It would be good to have someone from our growing Kapolei Hawaiian Homesteads.

Troy Cullen -- St. Louis grad; pilot in Hawaii Guard. Has been supported by unions and developers. Reasonable. Will bring balance to board discussions.

In my view, the neighborhood board is a place where all of the various viewpoints should be put on the table and fairly discussed, and the best ideas chosen from them by people who honestly want the best for the community.