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Abercrombie: Don't Feed the Homeless

Kakaako homeless/HPI photo

Governor wants to force homeless into government control through starvation

Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie is asking good Samaritans to stop feeding the homeless.

This is presented as being for the good of the homeless. “We think that feeding people in the parks for example is not always the best way of helping people out of their homelessness,” said Marc Alexander, state coordinator on homelessness. — KHON2

It's rumored that the true motivation on Abercrombie's part is the approaching APEC conference, to be held at the Hawaii Convention Center from November 12-20, with world leaders in attendance, including President Obama. If things go well, Hawaii could play host to similar meetings of world leaders in the future.

"We're going to be relentless. When we clean up an area it's going to stay that way and people who may have seen an opportunity to simply wait for an area to get cleaned up and then move back in are going to find that is not going to be possible,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie. — KHON2

Many cities are taking outrageous and dictatorial measures to prevent feeding the homeless, putting legal restrictions in place. So far Abercrombie doesn't appear to have taken that approach.


Biblical references to feeding the homeless

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