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Comment Posting Guidelines

Requests to remove accounts and postings will not be honored by HPI. Please think carefully about repercussions that your posting may have to you and others.

Comments should strive for civility in discussions. Comments of the type below will not be posted.

  • Threats - Words with violent connotations like "extract blood", "kill", "shoot them", etc. are threatening and violent. Threats against an individual(s), oneself, a company or organization will not be posted, or if already posted, be immediately removed. 
  • Strong language - Strong swear words will cause the complete blog comment or forum remark to be unpublished
  • Sexual content - Pornography and postings with graphic sexual descriptions
  • Spam - Unrelated, nonsensical postings meant to advertise and disrupt will be removed. These typically are one line postings with links or unrelated words that are meant to disrupt the thought flow of a discussion thread. The poster will be labelled a spammer and will be banned.
  • Ad hominem attacks - Strong personal accusations without any evidence against individuals are not appropriate. As much as we appreciate free speech, Hawaii Political Info is about political issues, not about personalities. Please do not use words such as Mr. or Ms. X is a crook, felon, drunk, drug addict, adulteress, etc. to describe an individual without the strongest of collaborating evidence. This is not a gossip site about political leaders or activists.

Commenters should endeavor to stay on topic of the article or blog.

Hawaii Political Info does not support personal attacks and gossip.