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Helen Thomas Playboy Interview

Helen Thomas, prominent White House reporter, asked tough questions at White House press conferences about Israel that put the country in a bad light. Thomas' Syrian-born parents emigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. She was born in Winchester, Kentucky.

In what smells like a set up, rather than a chance encounter, a rabbi asked her some loaded questions about Israel on video and posted it on the Internet. In the U.S., where people do not necessarily have free speech, particularly when it comes to Israel, there was an immediate furor. She was labeled an anti-Semite and fired from her job as a reporter, permanently losing her front-row White House Press Room seat.

The White House, and Israel, are no longer troubled by being called to task by a well respected and prominent Helen Thomas on a worldwide stage, the White House.

Thomas continues to be painted with such words as "disgraced" and having a "rage against Israel," as will be seen when the reader clicks on the "Read more . . . " link.


April 2011

For more than half a century, Helen Thomas owned the most valuable piece of real estate in the White House briefing room. Her front-row seat at presidential press conferences and its attendant benefits—she was often called on first and usually ended the gatherings with a signature “Thank you, Mr. President”—made her the unofficial dean of the White House press corps. Her bold, irksome questions were like hot pokers to 10 U.S. presidents, and her fearless approach rattled press secretaries and set a tone for generations of straight-shooting, badgering reporters.

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