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European Jewish Political Groups Quash Free Speech

The European Jewish Parliament and the European Jewish Union are calling for either a recantation from or resignation of EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Lady Catherine Ashton. Free speech is in a sad state with groups like these making and getting away with their outrageous demands. Will they succeed, as similar groups have done before?

The following is their verbatim call for an apology from Lady Ashton, or her resignation, as it appears on their Facebook page.

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) and the European Jewish Union (EJU) launch a campaign calling for EU Chief Diplomat Lady Catherine Ashton to apologise or resign.

This comes after Lady Ashton's comments, made on 19 March in Brussels related to the brutal killing of four Jews, including three children, at Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse, France. In her comments, Lady Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy drew a despicable moral equivalence between events in Toulouse, Syria and Gaza. With her own words, Mrs. Ashton follows the reasoning of the terrorist, justifies by this his acts and imports conflicts into Europe. EJP and EJU strongly condemns the comparison between the crimes of a cold-blooded anti-Semite murderer and a dictator who slaughters his own people or with the inevitable and regrettable civilian collateral damages resulting from a war opposing the Israeli democracy to terrorist organisations wholly dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish State.

Lady Ashton should now have the decency to APOLOGISE OR RESIGN!

Mr. Tomer Orni, EJU CEO said 'What Ashton said is an insult to the memory of the victims and could indirectly be interpreted by someone as a justification to kill Jews in Europe. She should apologise or step down immediately'.

Mr. Joel Rubinfeld, EJP Co-Chairman added 'Ashton's comparison is outrageous! It is a political mistake and a moral fault to compare a cold-blooded killer who shot a bullet in the head of the 7 year old Jewish girl in Toulouse and Tzahal which defends the Israeli citizens targeted by the Palestinian terrorists whom, on their side, do not hesitate to use their own children as human shields'.

EJU and EJP invite all Jewish and non-Jewish organisations, communities and individuals to join the campaign and sign the petition calling Lady Ashton to Apologise or Resign.

Join our Campaign – Sign, and Share with your friends!


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