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How Many Members of Congress Attended AIPAC's Gala Banquet?

On Sunday Hawaii Political Info ran a Russia Today video about the U.S. drifting away from blind allegiance to Israel. Hawaii Political Info commented in the story that the upcoming AIPAC Gala Banquet on Monday might be an indicator of whether or not that was really the case.

As feared, the numbers of how many Senators and Congressmen attended the Gala Event are hard to come by, an indication, at least, that perhaps AIPAC (Israel's congressional lobby) and congressional members don't want the American public to know just how tight their relationship is, and the Jewish-controlled press (just about all of the mainstream media) is likewise not letting the public know about this important statistic.

After thoroughly scouring the Internet, HPI could only find this on Google search:

AIPAC - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
7 hours ago - AIPAC In the room tonight for the #AIPAC2013 Gala: 65 senators and 274 House members. March 5 2:16 AM. AIPAC Watch the AIPAC Gala live right now on ...

Clicking on the link, there was nothing about the 65 Senators and 274 House members. More searching brought similar blind ends. However, since this snippet came from AIPAC itself, it looks like the numbers are correct. The attendance is staggering: 65 out of 100 Senators and 274 out of 450 Congressmen.

If any of HPI's readers has more information on the members of Congress at the AIPAC Gala, they are invited to send it in. HPI's contact information is at the bottom of this and every page.