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Benjamin Freedman: Jewish Causes of WWI and WWII

Benjamin Freedman, an ethnic Jew who converted to Catholicism, explains in a 1961 speech how Jews pushed the U.S. into WWI and then into WWII, wars that did not serve the interests of Americans. He explains that Jewish loyalty is to themselves and Zion (Israel), not their host country, as Germany found to her surprise at the close of WWI. The loss of the war proved devastating to the country, and many Germans resented the Jewish role in it.

When the 1930s came around, Jews once again mobilized against Germany with a viciously effective campaign. Once the U.S. entered the war, in large part because Jews were again pushing for it says Freedman, Jews were on the winning side once again.

Germans were treated abominably, including by Americans.


Today we find that Israel and its powerful lobby AIPAC, along with many other Jews, have been pushing the U.S. for years to attack Iran. The rumor is that it will happen this year.

Will the U.S. find itself in the same role as devastated Germany did with the historically proven formidable enmity of Jews within and without who can turn from friendship to enmity on a dime and have a record of showing no mercy?


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