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Polls: Jews Want U.S., Not Israel, to Attack Syria

Two polls show that Israelis feel the U.S. should fight Syria, a war that Israelis want and urge our country to fight for them. They maintain that Israel itself should stay away from the actual fighting.

The Jerusalem Post

By Gil Hoffman

August 30, 2013

Two-thirds of respondents to Israeli poll concerned American attack on Syria would lead to Israeli involvement in war.

The US and European countries should attack Syria, but Israel should not be involved in the assault, two polls in weekend Hebrew newspapers found.

While polls in the US and United Kingdom have found overwhelming opposition to their countries attacking Syria, a Gal Hadash poll published in Israel Hayom found that 66.6 percent of respondents would be in favor of American and European military intervention in Syria.

Only 17% opposed a US/EU strike and 16.4% did not know.

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