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French Jew Breaks Up Iran Peace Talks

Although a deal looked imminent, the Iran nuclear talks have broken up without an agreement. Another meeting is scheduled for November 20.

The sticking point: French Jew Laurent Fabius. Israel, which many (most? virtually all?) Jews not resident there consider their "home," wants war, not peace, with Iran, but wants it fought by the U.S., not Israel. The Jewish country is vociferously opposing any deal.

Al Jazeera reports:

Prospects for an agreement dimmed after French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius raised objections to a draft that the French had previously agreed to.

Fabius spoke of "several points that ... we're not satisfied with compared to the initial text," telling France-Inter Radio his nation does not want to be part of a "con game".

Although Kerry publicly played down the differences with Fabius, other diplomats at the talks said the last-minute objections came as a surprise and complicated the chances of agreement.

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