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New Ukraine Governors & Ministers Have Unsavory Reputations

Boiling Frogs Post

William Engdahl

March 11, 2014

Why would people in the US, allegedly promoters of democracy, not care about the gangsters & murderers their policies have brought into Kiev?

The newly self-elected Ukrainian government is reorganizing all institutions of power, dissolving the special riot police, naming its cronies to key political posts. But perhaps the most indicative of the true character of the new regime is the naming last week of new Governors to head the major political divisions of regions of Ukraine. They include dual Israeli-Ukrainian nationals and notorious billionaire gangsters. This seems to be the “democracy” that US State Department Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, Victori[a] Nuland had in mind when she rejected earlier EU compromise initiatives with the terse comment, “Fuck the EU.”

Now, economic destruction

The non-elected or provisional Ukrainian government headed by 39-year old Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has made key regional appointments as Governors in the industrial pro-Russian eastern Ukraine.

The Prime Minister has named three billionaires, including Ukraine’s richest, to head the key political regional or advisory posts.

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