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CNN Correspondent: 'Russia Today That's the Moscow Controlled Propaganda Channel'

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Brian Stelter, CNN senior media correspondent, hosts Liz Wahl, the Russia Today anchor who resigned on air, giving as her reason the "invasion" of Crimea by Russia. CNN takes the opportunity to bash Russia Today as a bunch of liars and conspiracy theorists while offering zero evidence, unless unsubstantiated opinions are counted as evidence.

Liz names no names when she talks about how her former colleagues at RT feel about RT's news coverage of Ukraine and Crimea. She says that the American reporters are no longer covering that part of the world. If that's true, a valid explanation could be that they're just as clueless about foreign affairs as Liz is. Americans are notoriously ignorant about other countries. Fellow American Abby Martin criticized Russia's actions in Crimea on air at RT, admitted while doing so that she didn't know much about that part of the world, then refused RT's offer to send her there to dig for the truth first-hand. That doesn't sound like a competent reporter.

Any capable manager would throw up their hands with a pair like Wahl and Martin. Russian reporters at minimum probably run rings around the pair in knowledge and interest in the highly important events taking place in Ukraine and Crimea. American reporters covering events for an American audience are best (we usually don't like suffering through foreign accents and unusual ways of speaking), but it would help if RT had more competent and informed journalists who were willing to put in the time on the necessary homework to get up to speed on the news they cover. Being able to get past the years of brainwashing they've had in school would also be a big plus. RT reporters don't need to be expensive big names: just competent and informed.

Liz mentions at 4 min 30 sec into the video that her resignation was portrayed by a friend of people at RT as "a neocon plot to take over the world, a neocon conspiracy theory to dupe the mainstream media." Really? Where is that portrayal? Googling those words with Liz's name brings up nothing. She names no names during her interview, which doesn't help. Perhaps she was referring inaccurately to the Truthdig article about her and her friendship with get-in-your-face homosexual James Kirchick, who is a Jew.

RT has a report about the events surrounding Wahl's on-air resignation, which changed her from someone the mainstream media shuns to a useful tool in bashing the all-too-popular competition, RT.

RT has more interesting tidbits on the previously little noticed Liz here.

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