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Former CIA Officer: Israel Controls Appointments of U.S. Government Officials

Hawaii Political Info introduction: This episode originates from Press TV, which is underwritten by the Iranian government. The panel members providing the information are American.

More information on the people mentioned in the following video:

Admiral (ret.) Dennis Blair - Director of National Intelligence who was forced to resign under pressure from Jews. While Director he chose Chas Freeman as Chair of the National Intelligence Council, a decision opposed by Jews.

Chas Freeman (aka Charles W. Freeman, Jr.), foreign affairs expert loyal to the U.S. who ran afoul of Jews who successfully and quickly scuttled his appointment as Chair of the National Intelligence Council.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)- A Jew who, it is said in the video, bragged about derailing Chas Freeman's appointment as Chair of the National Intelligence Council.

Ray McGovern - A former CIA intelligence analyst. Rather than blaming "Jews" for the downfall of Chas Freeman and Dennis Blair, he makes a point of saying the problem was the "Likud lobby" (the faction running Israel at present).

Philip Giraldi - Former CIA officer, Washington

Uploaded on YouTube May 27, 2010


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