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Hawaiian Sovereignty

Hawaiian Sovereignty: Do the Facts Matter? (pdf, 436 pages) by Thurston Twigg-Smith

The Sovereignty Conversation Episodes of The Sovereignty Conversation with host Dr. Kioni Dudley

Revising Hawaiian History to Suit the Sovereignty Agenda   Fred Hemmings with Kelii Akina

Meetings in Hawaii on Native Hawaiian Sovereignty with Dept. of Interior Jun 2014

Keli'i Akina: OHA is for everyone, not restricted by race [Hawaii Political Info] May 7, 2014

Hawaiian Sovereignty Propaganda Forums, 2014 by Ken Conklin [Hawaii Political Info] Feb 26, 2014

Native Hawaiian Sovereignty [PBS Hawaii, 57 min] Jul 19, 2013

Hawaiian Sovereignty: Thinking Carefully about It (extensive collection of articles by Ken Conklin, Ph.D.)

Dexter Keeaumoku Kaiama Conversation with Eiko Kosasa [Vimeo video, 36 min]

Debunking the Latest Hawaiian Sovereignty Scam by Ken Conklin [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 29, 2011

History of Modern Hawaii as Taught in Hawaii Schools by Ken Conklin [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 18, 2011

Sun Yat-sen and Hawaiian Sovereignty by Ken Conklin [Hawaii Political Info] May 18, 2011

Violence and Threats of Violence in the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement by Ken Conklin [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 23, 2010