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Waianae Coast Rotary Club Anti-Army Downsizing Presentation

Colleen Hanabusa and the Chamber of Commerce gave a presentation against Army downsizing on Oahu to the Waianae Coast Rotary Club. The downsizing supporter (not shown in video) who provided this video calls this Hanabusa-CoC presentation "disinformation." Other reactions from downsizing proponents (via HPI's private grapevine) ranged from disgust to disagreement with the stance presented here. The video was shot last Tuesday, on November 25.

YouTube introduction: As you listen and look closely at what's being said, notice what is inscribed on the banner behind the speakers at this Rotary Club meeting. The real truth is not being shared with the audience in attendance while their emotions are being manipulated by the self interest of a select few at the expense of the majority of tax payers who are being cajoled into continuing to bear the cost and burden of an Army branch of the US Military that is strategically NOT combat ready to be deployed when the need arises and the Army knows this to be a looming fact of reality. The true Pathway for the Army is to downsize in Hawaii and relinquish the land and infrastructure it occupies to the people of Hawaii as a remedy to alleviate the burden of affordable housing and create an enterprise zone that will stimulate our economy in Hawaii.


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