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GOP Officials Discuss Lawsuit against Hawaii Republican Assembly

The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) has been a thorn in the side of Hawaii's GOP, publicly raking most of the GOP elected officials over the coals in HIRA's email blasts (see the left column on the HIRA website). Democrats have in comparison been relatively ignored and unscathed. Hawaii's few remaining Republican elected officials and candidates have been migrating to the Democratic party, leaving Hawaii even more dominated by it. It's quite possible these former GOP members tired of being regularly raked over the coals by HIRA. In spite of the name, HIRA is not a part of the Republican party.

Fritz Rohlfing, Hawaii GOP chair and one of HIRA's regular targets, retained an attorney to sue HIRA on behalf of the GOP. But as the following audio shows, not everyone at GOP HQ was in agreement with Rohlfing's move.

Now HIRA says Rohlfing is a thief and embezzler, a gross exaggeration.