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Oahu Prime Farmland Slated for Destruction

Hoopili Upheld By Hawaii’s High Court   Developer D.R. Horton can now move forward on the 11,750-home project [Honolulu Civil Beat] Dec 22, 2015

Council Flouts Common Decency in Rush to Revote on Rail [Hawaii Political Info] Oct 14, 2015

Newly Released Analysis of Campaign Contributions Shows All City Councilmembers Bought and Paid For [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2015

Court Challenge Expected to Hoopili Decision [Hawaii Political Info] June 10, 2012

Land Use Commission Approves Hoopili Project 8-1 [Hawaii Political Info] June 8, 2012

Preserve Oahu Prime Farmland or Build over It? 4-man debate [Hawaii Political Info] (video, 45 min) Mar 29, 2012

Battle over Oahu Farmlands Continues [Hawaii Public Radio] Feb 21, 2012

Did Abercrombie Flip-Flop on Hoopili? [Honolulu Civil Beat] Jan 17, 2012

Hoopili Developer Wants to Pave Over Best Farmland in Nation [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2011

Testimony of Stuart Scott against Hoopili Development (video) [Hawaii Political Info] Oct 20, 2011

12,000 Homes Planned on 'the Best Ag Land' on Oahu [Hawaii Political Info]

Massive development planned for Ewa Plain could have big impact [The Honolulu Advertiser] Aug 12, 2009

Leeward Oahu Farmland to Be Lost to Major Development [Hawaii Political Info] (video) Aug 8, 2009