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America: From Freedom to Fascism

The title says it all. Aaron Russo, who is the producer and narrator of this 2005 documentary, says that America’s heading in the wrong direction, from freedom to fascism. With or without Aaron, there’s little doubt in the minds of many that that’s exactly what’s happening to the country. The rapid loss of our constitutional guarantees in the last eight years, and the will of the people being ignored by Congress last week in favor of the bailout of Wall Street, banks and special interests, lead many to the conclusion that we citizens are already mere cogs in the wheel of the state.

Aaron Russo passed away in August of last year from bladder cancer.

(1 hr 51 min 11 sec)

Update, Sat, 12/12/09: Since this 2006 movie was shot, Sherry Jackson, the former IRS agent featured in the film, has been convicted of income tax violations and is in jail.

Irwin Schiff, a tax protestor featured in the film, has been jailed, also on IRS charges. His son, Peter Schiff, often appears on news programs to comment about the economy. Peter is presently a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator, opposing the powerful incumbent, Democrat Chris Dodd of Connecticut.


Aaron Russo on Nick Rockefeller (Hour-long video interview)

America: Freedom to Fascism [Wikipedia]

Sherry Jackson, IRS prisoner, needs your phone calls! [Daily Paul]   The day after this call for help appeared on the Daily Paul, Rep. Johnson’s office stated in a phone call with HPI that they were aware of Ms. Jackson and that she was then getting the medical treatment she needed.