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Genetically Modified Food

Monsanto GMO corn on Kunia Rd, Oahu. Click photo for enlargement

Genetically modified food is also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Genetically Engineered (GE) food.

Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Are Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them [The Essential Prepper] Feb 21, 2014

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food [The Food Revolution Network] May 11, 2013

Monsanto Email to Hawaii Senators [Hawaii Political Info] Apr 16, 2013

Senate Hearing Essentially Kills GMO Label Bill [Hawaii Political Info] Mar 22, 2013 Includes link to video of entire 2-hour hearing

Polluted America — Paul Craig Roberts Feb 24, 2013

Boycott Companies that Fought Prop 37! [Hawaii Political Info] Dec 20, 2012

GMOs in Hawaii   Mark Phillipson, pro-GMO scientist, joins the panel [PBS Hawaii: Insights] (55 min 5 sec) Dec 13, 2012

Tom Berg on Hawaii Legislature Ag Chairs [Hawaii Political Info] Nov 4, 2012

Natural News: The GMO Debate Is Over [Hawaii Political Info] September 21, 2012

GMO Corn Producing Giant Tumors In Rats [YouTube] ( Sep 20, 2012

Bernie Sanders Wants GMO Labeling [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 14, 2012

New Film on GMO in Hawaii (video, 43 min) [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 10, 2012

GMO 'Label It Yourself' Campaign Kicks Off [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 3, 2012

GMO Panel with Dr Bereano, Danny Bishop, and Dr Valenzuela at the Hawaii State Capitol [YouTube] (2 hrs 5 min) Apr 14, 2012

GMO Rally, Hawaii State Capitol [Hawaii Political Info] Feb 26, 2012

Food For Thought: Hawaii's GMO Debate News videos & links [KITV] Feb 2012

Turning the World's Crops into a Company Monopoly [Hawaii Political Info] Feb 19, 2012

Hawaii residents lobby for labeling of genetically modified foods [Honolulu Star-Advertiser] Feb 6, 2012

Tell the FDA to Label Genetically Modified Food [Hawaii Political Info] Jan 24, 2012 (video, 2 min 59 sec) Shows map of countries that have GMO labeling laws. The U.S. is not among them.

Kahea, a network of activists throughout Hawaii. Kahea works to protect the natural environment and cultural sites of the islands.

Monsanto Poisons Argentina [HPI]

Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith

Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith

Hawaiian Papaya First GMO Produce to Be Sold in Japan. But unlike in Hawaii, it must be labeled. [Voice of America] Feb 3, 2012

Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they start giving birth to bags of water [Vimeo] (video, 1 hr 5 min) 2011

Japan will buy GMO papayas [Hawaii Tribune-Herald] Sept 2, 2011

King Corn Takes Root in Hawaii
[The New York Times] Aug 22, 2011

The Huge Secret GMO Cloning Program Aug 8, 2011

US to Europe: Take GMO or There Will Be 'Some Pain' [HPI] (video) Jan 12, 2011

GM plants 'established in the [U.S.] wild' [BBC] Aug 6, 2010

Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit [Natural News] Jul 30, 2010

Kauai Sugar Plantation Faces Final Harvest [HPI] 9/24/09

Economic Strength of Hawaii Seed Crop Industry Confirmed By Recent Reports [Hawaii Reporter] 9/22/09

Dow AgroSciences to lease Kauai sugar lands [Honolulu Star-Bulletin] 4/29/09

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease 3/3/09

University of Hawaii Administrator Cuts Off Funding after Failing to Silence Agriculture Professor on GMO [Lobby Watch] Administrator writes vitriolic memo 3/10/06

Jeffrey Smith on the Dangers of GMO Food Video, 1 hr 13 min 36 sec

Islands at Risk: GMO in Hawaii (video, 30 min 31 sec)

Jeffrey Smith, Top GMO Expert, in Hawaii (Tues, Feb 24, 2009)

Hearings on Taro GMO on Wednesday at State Capitol (Mon, Feb 16, 2009)

GMO Bills to Reignite Debate in Legislature (Sun, Feb 8, 2009)

Genetically Modified Hawaii [Scientific American] 12/6/08   Read this and weep

The Multiple Ways Monsanto Is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

Monsanto: Controlling Our Food (Video, 1 hr 48 min 57 sec)

Patent for a Pig (Video, 42 min 46 sec)

Fired Fox Reporters Recount Squelching of rBGH Story

GMO Monstas on Molokai

A few protesters turn up at town meeting on Molokai with Monsanto GM and employees in attendance

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

UH working on GMO research

Ralph Nader supports small Maine dairy farmer being sued by Monsanto

UH working on GMO research

Monsanto Hawaii

Monsanto on Molokai

Monsanto on Oahu

Monsanto on Maui

GMO papayas

Hawaii Organic Farmers Association’s policy statement on GMO in Hawaii

Third-World Bioscientists Oppose GMO Patents

The Man Who Took on Monsanto