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Israel and the Iraq Invasion

Hawaii Political Info preface: Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. What was the motivation for the U.S. launching its attack on the country? Why is the Iraq War known in Washington circles as the war for Israel?

The 4th Media

How Fake Intelligence on Iraqi WMD Contributed to Triggering the Invasion: The Insidious Role of Israel

by Maidhc Ó Cathail

Three years ago this month, I wrote a piece entitled “Who’s to Blame for the Iraq War?” to mark the seventh anniversary of the US invasion.

My sole purpose in compiling a by-no-means-exhaustive list of 20 Israel partisans who played key roles in inducing America into making that disastrous strategic blunder was to help dispel the widespread confusion — some of it sown under the guise of “progressive investigative journalism” – about why the United States made that fateful decision.

As the tenth anniversary approaches, there is no excuse for anyone genuinely interested in the facts to deny the ultimate responsibility of Tel Aviv and its foreign agents for the quagmire in Iraq.

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