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Students Paid to Defend Israel Online

Over millennia Jews have almost inevitably worn out their welcome mat in their host countries. Keenly aware of that, and with more and more people around the world getting fed up with its warmongering and lying ways, Israel is now paying students to defend their country and the Jewish people online. Jews have already ruined Wikipedia. Any of the articles that touch on Jews or Israel have almost surely been written, edited and/or rewritten by Jews, ending up full of bias and greatly reducing their reference value. The Jewish influence on Wikipedia includes an "antisemitism" series of entries.

Published on YouTube Oct 3, 2013

Russia Today introduction: Cash strapped Israeli students have a new way to relieve their financial plight. They can get easy money by simply posting positive tweets and clicking the 'like' button in the right places. That's after authorities came up with the idea of offering youngsters salaries and even scholarships for protection of the government's interests and fighting anti-semitism on the web. But ironically, the father of the digital diplomacy program has come under fire for posting racist comments - the very thing he was meant to be preventing. RT's Paula Slier reports.


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