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Oahu Army Downsizing

Oahu Council for Army Downsizing

Petition to downsize Army on Oahu

Articles & Videos

The U.S. Army is largely leaving Hawaii, but Maui Rep. Kaniela Ing is the only state official happy about it [Maui Time] Feb 5, 2015

Army Listening Session, Hale Koa Hotel [Hawaii Political Info] (video, 4 hr 1 min) Tu, Jan 27, 2015. First 1 1/2 hours of introductions and politician testimony has been cut. Click here to see that. Entire Hale Koa listening session was nearly 5 1/2 hours long.

Army Downsizing Testimony at Hale Koa Hotel [Hawaii Political Info] (video, 2 hr 55 min) Testimony date January 27, 2015

Hawaii House and Senate Turn Up Noses at $100 Billion in Assets for Oahu [Hawaii Political Info] Jan 26, 2015

Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board Votes against Army Live Fire at Makua Valley
[Hawaii Political Info] Jan 23, 2015

A case for army downsizing in Hawaii [The Hawaii Independent] Jan 22, 2015

Army Downsizing Could Be a Great Blessing [Hawaii Political Info] Jan 19, 2015

Additional Army Downsizing Listening Session Scheduled for Oahu [Hawaii Political Info] Jan 7, 2015

Honolulu City and County Blatantly Promotes Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Agenda Opposing Army Restructuring on Oahu [Hawaii Political Info] Dec 23, 2014

Honolulu Govt Pushing Private Organization's Movement in Satellite City Halls [Hawaii Political Info] Dec 18, 2014

Waianae Coast Rotary Club Anti-Army Downsizing Presentation [Hawaii Political Info] Nov 30, 2014

Could Army Downsizing Be Good for Oahu? [Hawaii Political Info] Nov 23, 2014

Could Army Downsizing Be Good for Oahu? [Forum at Center for Hawaiian Studies, UH Manoa] [YouTube, 1 hr 37 min] Nov 20, 2014

Hawaii and Nation Would Do Better if Army Reduced Its Oahu Footprint [Hawaii Political Info] Nov 19, 2014

Oahu Army Downsizing with AL Frenzel [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 26, 2014

KHNL Features Opposing Views on Proposed Oahu Army Downsizing [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 15, 2014

Making Military Downsizing in Hawaii a Good Thing [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 18, 2014