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New Hawaii Republican Group Formed

The Hawaii chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), a caucus within the Republican Party, has just been established. Nationally and locally, NFRA members say that they are "The conscience of the Republican Party" and "The Republican wing of the Republican Party."

The caucus' core values are an emphasis on the U.S. Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, pro-life and conservative values along the lines of former President Ronald Reagan. The caucus seeks to revitalize the Hawaii GOP by such means as introducing more qualified candidates and more activism towards the successful meeting of their stated goals.

The NFRA Hawaii kick-off meeting will be this coming Thursday, April 2, at MacMouse, 627 South Street, #105, Honolulu. The time is not yet set, but will probably be sometime in the early evening.

The newly elected officers are Republicans Paul Smith, president (pictured); Dan Douglass, first vice chairman; Judy DeVilbiss, second vice chairman; Mike Palcic, treasurer; and Sarah Hunt, secretary.

One of the first events for NFRA Hawaii will be protesting the higher taxes proposed by Democrats in the Hawaii state legislature. Hawaii's own Tax Day Tea Party, part of a nationwide movement, will be held on Wednesday, April 15, from 4-7 pm at the Hawaii capitol rotunda. The confirmed speakers to date are Senator Sam Slom (R-District 8-Hawai'i Kai, 'Aina Haina, Kahala, Diamond Head); Representative Kymberly Marcos Pine (R-District 43-Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point, Puuloa); Jamie Story, president of the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii and Joe Pandolfe, business owner.

For more information on NFRA Hawaii or its events, call 524-2436.


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