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Alaska Latest State in GOP Election Fraud

All hell breaks loose in Alaska

by Doug Wead

There is a split at the senior levels of the Mitt Romney campaign over how to deal with the ongoing Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party, this, from an old friend inside. Some are saying, “Let it happen, so what? We have the nomination, they represent youth and Hispanics and they are the future, we need them.” Others, I will call them Romney Hawks, are saying, “We don’t know exactly how many delegates they have and that, in itself, is dangerous. They already have enough to embarrass us at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.”

They point to the disastrous RNC of 1992 which many believe contributed to the loss of George H. W. Bush to Bill Clinton in the general election. They say, “We must stop the Ron Paul people at any cost.”

The Romney Hawks have been able to win in states like Alaska, Nevada and North Dakota, where they anticipated a Ron Paul takeover and carefully planned strategies to disenfranchise them. And the war, by the way, is not just with the Ronulans. The votes of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and now, in many states, with any pro life delegates as well.

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