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Illegal Aliens

Numbers USA   Promotes lower immigration levels

Center for Immigration Studies "Low immigration, Pro-immigrant"

The Costly Asylum Racket by Phyllis Schlafly [Townhall] Feb 17, 2015

Gang Immigration Bill (S.744) is Comprehensively Flawed by Daniel Horowitz [Madison Project] May 1, 2013

The Problem Isn't Just Illegal Immigration, It's Legal Immigration, Too by Ann Coulter Apr 24, 2013

Senator Brian Schatz Backs Amnesty for Illegal Aliens [Hawaii Political Info] Apr 23, 2013

Dems feathering their nest with illegal alien amnesty instead of looking out for the country? [] Apr 22, 2013

How Jewish immigration has changed the U.S. [Hawaii Political Info] Apr 14, 2013

Sen. Mazie Hirono: No self-deportation [Politico] Jan 20, 2013

43% of immigrants on welfare after 20 years in U.S. [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 8, 2012

Border Chaos from Obama's Amnesty Policy (video) [Hawaii Political Info] July 27, 2012

Illegal Aliens Scam U.S. Taxpayers through the IRS [Hawaii Political Info] May 10, 2012

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography: Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy by Stephen Steinlight (Long: 12,950 words) Oct 2001