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The Admiral, Climate Change and Chemtrails

Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III/HPI photo

Just a few days ago Admiral Samuel Locklear, Commander, U.S. Pacific Command, said that his top concern long term was climate change. This was a stunning comment from a four-star admiral (highest rank possible in today's military) who knows well all the wars we're involved in, with more on the way, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of noncombatant men, women and children who have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., etc.

"What?! Climate change is more important to the Admiral than our numerous wars?" thought many people (there are over 1700 comments on the story, almost all raking the Admiral over the coals). The man is an Annapolis graduate and surely he's learned about the horrors of war that the world has endured, with over 60 million killed just in WWII. Many more survived that war, but at a heavy price that the vast majority of Americans don't know about, but surely a military pro like the Admiral does.

Tonight on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show, Dane Wigington is talking about geo-engineering, better known as chemtrails. He says that military pilots most likely know what they're spraying, although the commercial pilots probably don't. Wigington says he has put in 10 years of his life in studying chemtrails, and they are doing a lot of damage to the environment and to our health. For those who don't know, chemtrails are designed to change the weather. This is all under wraps, and the public is being told nothing, except by a few brave souls like Dane.

Sure sounds like Admiral Locklear and his command, headquartered in Aiea at Camp H.M. Smith, are more than a little involved in geo-engineering.

For a look at what chemtrails look like, click here and scroll down.

Click the attachment below to see a 1996 U.S. Air Force research paper envisioning future weather modification.

USAF on Weather Modification, 1996.pdf501.87 KB