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U.S. Vets Break Silence on Nuclear Strike Ordered in 1962

U.S. veterans reveal 1962 nuclear close call dodged in Okinawa

Kyodo News

By Masakatsu Ota

TOKYO, March 27, 2015

At the final moment of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the U.S. nuclear missile men in Okinawa received a launch order which was later found to have been mistakenly issued, according to testimonies by former U.S. veterans given to Kyodo News.

In the fall of 1962, the Soviet Union introduced nuclear missiles into Cuba from where Moscow could target the mainland of the United States. U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his top advisers then seriously considered military options as a countermeasure, and the two superpowers were on the brink of nuclear exchanges.

The testimonies by the veterans, who gazed into the "abyss" of a nuclear war, shed new historical light on a nuclear close call which could have triggered the use of nuclear weapons, highlighting the potential risk of an accidental nuclear launch.

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California Governor Says State Facing Water Crisis


By Mike Adams

For the first time in history, the California government has declared mandatory water restrictions designed to save the state from a water collapse. (But it still won't work, see below...)

An order went out yesterday from Governor Brown's office, requiring water agencies to "...implement new pricing models that discourage excessive water use," reports the LA Times. In other words, your water consumption costs are about to get even higher if you live in California.

The directive aims to reduce water consumption by 25% across the state -- an aggressive restriction that clearly qualifies as an emergency reduction goal.

Also included in the directive is:

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The Green-Card Racket for the Politically Connected

By Michelle Malkin

March 31, 2015

Can we stop putting America up for sale to the most politically connected bidders yet? Where is our self-respect?

Since 2001, I've warned about the systemic and bipartisan corruption of America's EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. The latest report from the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general — which outlines the meddling and pandering of No. 2 DHS official Alejandro Mayorkas, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, Democratic bagman Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham, former Pennsylvania. Gov. Ed Rendell and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, to name a few — provides yet more sordid evidence that the green cards-for-sale scheme should be completely scrapped.

Created under an obscure section of the expansionist 1990 Immigration Act, EB-5 promised bountiful economic development for the U.S. in exchange for granting permanent residency (and eventual American citizenship) to foreign investors. A few years later, Congress conjured up the idea of EB-5 "regional centers" — government-sanctioned business groups and corporate entities acting as middlemen to administer the immigrant investments and facilitate the visa peddling.

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The Assassination of New York (book) The story of how NYC has changed so much that the working class can no longer afford to live there. (Honolulu appears to be well on its way towards the same fate.)

U.S. home market pulls in more Chinese buyers   (Kakaako?) [USA Today] Apr 3, 2012

Why Luxury Agents Must Understand the EB-5 Visa [] Jan 5, 2015

Building Bridges to China [Hawaii Business] Oct 2013

Sermon by Chuck Baldwin

"He came unto His own, and His own received Him not"

Sunday, March 29, 2015 sermon by Chuck Baldwin

What does a Christian sermon have to do with politics? Watch and learn.

Dr. Baldwin is a Baptist minister in Montana. He was a Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2008.

Chuck Baldwin's website

U.S. Deal with Iran Likely Tomorrow

Published on YouTube Mar 29, 2015

Russia Today introduction: World diplomats push for a deal with Iran on easing sanctions in exchange for a nuclear scale-back. Several sticking points remain, with the deadline fast approaching. Kaveh Afrasiabi, a former advisor to Iran's nuclear negotiation team, expects a deal to be reached very soon.

Mitt Romney Comedy Skit with Jimmy Fallon

Just in case you missed this skit on The Tonight Show that has gone viral.

Vicious Jewish Persecution of Holocaust Researchers

"Holocaust denial" is illegal in up to 17 countries, including Australia, Austria, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and Russia, getting violators jail time. With the protection of the First Amendment, it is not illegal in the U.S., but Ernst Zundel, a German Holocaust truth seeker who went public, was deported from the U.S. to Canada even though his wife was a U.S. citizen. Subsequently going through the Canadian court system for his publicly revealed "Holocaust" research that Jews vociferously opposed, he was deported to his native Germany. Immediately upon his arrival he was taken off the plane and put in prison, where he remained for several years for his politically incorrect activities while he was in another country, not Germany. Now out of jail, he has been effectively silenced.

Monsanto Lobbyist Says Pesticide Safe to Drink, but Refuses Glass

Published on Mar 28, 2015

Russia Today introduction: A lobbyist for Monsanto claimed that it was safe to drink “a quart” of the company’s Roundup pesticide, but pointedly refused to try even a sip when offered a glass during an interview with French TV before storming off the set.

Professor Tony Martin: Tactics Used by Organized Jewry to Attack Me over the Years

When the late Tony Martin (1942-2013), a professor of Africana studies at Wellesley College, introduced the part Jews played in the worldwide slave trade over the centuries, including the American slave trade (information that he thought at the time was a comparatively inconsequential, small part of the course he was teaching), all hell broke loose. Here, June 2002, he enlightens his audience on Jewish attack tactics on an individual.

Professor Martin: "The first and major tactic that I discovered in their [organized Jewry] attack on me was their reliance on lies. Just straight-up lies. There's no other way to describe it, just telling lies. . . . They have elevated telling lies to a very high artistic form."

A second tactic, he said, was to attack his professional credibility.

Martin died comparatively young (70) under mysterious and "shocking" circumstances.

Go to this link if you have trouble viewing the video.


David Cole, a Jew, tells Ernst Zundel that Jews need "enemies" and "oppressors" to coalesce as a group. Zundel is a German who has made the study of Jews and the part they played in WWII a lifelong pursuit. See the three-minute Cole-Zundel video here.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion shows that Cole is not the only one who thinks anti-Semitism plays into the hands of the Jewish elite, who make it a highly effective tool for manipulating their less aware brethren. See Protocol 9:2.

Both Cole and Zundel have paid a steep price for going public on the politically incorrect results of their research on Jews.

Christ, as he was teaching in the treasury of a Jewish temple, a dangerous place for him because Jews constantly sought his life, said to Jews: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44)

Why These 5 Books Are Censored

Published on Sep 22, 2014

Breaking the Set YouTube introduction: Abby Martin speaks with NYU media studies professor, Mark Crispin Miller, discussing the addition of 5 books to the Forbidden Bookshelf, a project aimed at making important literature that has gone out of circulation once again available to the public.
The newest additions to the Forbidden Bookshelf include:
1. DuPont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain by Gerard Colby
2. Hidden History of the Korean War by I.F. Stone
3. Assassination on Embassy Row by Saul Landau and John Dinges
4. The Assassination of New York by Robert Fitch
5. The Polk Conspiracy by Kati Marton

Access the full series here:

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