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Hiroshima: The War Crime That Lives in Infamy


by Diana Johnstone

August 5, 2016

On his visit to Hiroshima last May, Obama did not, as some had vainly hoped he might, apologize for the August 6, 1945 atomic bombing of the city. Instead he gave a high-sounding speech against war. He did this as he was waging ongoing drone war against defenseless enemies in faraway countries and approving plans to spend a trillion dollars upgrading the US nuclear arsenal.

An apology would have been as useless as his speech. Empty words don’t change anything. But here was one thing that Obama could have said that would have had a real impact: he could have told the truth.

He could have said:

“The atom bombs were not dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ‘to save lives by ending the war’. That was an official lie. The bombs were dropped to see how they worked and to show the world that the United States possessed unlimited destructive power.”

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Kymberly Pine Replies to Corruption Charges

Kymberly Pine

Kymberly Pine, along with all the other nine Honolulu city councilmembers, has been receiving the majority of her campaign funds from developers and others who profit directly from the Ho’opili/Rail project. Since the story broke last year, little has been heard about it. Opponents don't mention it (34:40), possibly afraid that bringing up the subject will unleash a retaliatory attack.

But the issue was raised in an August 1, 2016 Honolulu Star-Advertiser article:

Reports filed with the state Campaign Spending Commission show Friends of Kymberly Pine with a cash balance of $129,742 as of June 30. By contrast, Friends for Dudley showed a negative cash balance of $662 and a total deficit of $95,021 — a negative amount accumulated over several failed campaign bids. Friends of Tom Berg, meanwhile, showed a negative cash balance of $9,314 and an overall deficit of $30,871, accumulated from previous campaigns.

When asked to respond to Dudley’s criticism about her campaign funds, Pine said she is “proud to receive donations from organizations that employ more than half of my constituents, who my opponents want to put out of work and destroy their families.”

While it’s not uncommon for candidates to receive such donations, Pine said, “it is highly unusual for candidates to be so deeply in debt, which shows that they cannot even manage their own finances.”

The Honolulu Civil Beat article that broke the story about the developer campaign contributions has some interesting comments. In one of them, Panos D Prevedouros, civil engineer professor and chairman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who has been prominently in opposition to the Honolulu rail project for years, succinctly wrote: "Open bribes. Tabulated for your reading disgust. Why shouldn't there be some under the table too?"

Reader Natalie Iwasa penned, "How foolish some of us were to think that any councilmember would vote 'no' on this." Iwase is referring to the fact that the City Council voted unanimously in May 2015 to rezone Ewa plain land, considered to be the finest agricultural land in the nation, from agriculture to urban/commercial so that the Ho’opili development project can be built there.


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Corrupt Doctors Accepted as Normal by Cancer Establishment

Natural News

Doctors who commit sex abuse, fraud, murder and identity impersonation now accepted as normal by a corrupt cancer establishment

by S. D. Wells

August 5, 2016

The following are true stories. In California, a doctor who had just completed an examination on a female patient, put his hand down her blouse, pulled one of her breasts out of her bra and put his mouth on it, then pulled out his penis and ejaculated in her hand. In Missouri, a doctor treating a sexually assaulted patient told her he was turned on by her story and asked her if she liked being urinated on and tied up during sex. In Kentucky, a doctor examining a woman's abdomen thought her underwear was so sexy that he put his mouth on her vagina saying to her, "I couldn't resist" because it was ... "so beautiful." All of these cases are described in public records, and all of the doctors, of course, are still licensed to continue abusing people across America.

The American Medical Association (AMA) could care less, as they are in the business of slinging chemical medicine for profit. Only occasionally will the AMA "burn a scarecrow" to form the impression that they prosecute rogue MDs, but for the most part, they just don't care. There are many anesthesiologists getting busted lately for sexually abusing patients while they are drugged up before and after surgery, and pediatricians and radiologists who molest children of all ages. It's horrific, and even some babies, survivors of sexual abuse and women in their 80s are victims.

Abuse in doctors' offices and hospitals is not always sexual, though. In Detroit, Michigan, several doctors are implicated in a ring of disgusting abuse, conspiring to overdose healthy (non-cancer) patients with ultra-strong doses of chemotherapy. Only one of them – Dr. Farid Fata – was actually sent to prison, even though he confessed to conspiring with more than half a dozen others for over ten years. Authorities are supposedly still "investigating" those he named in court, but odds are we'll never hear another peep or see any legal action. Why? Because Fata is the "burning scarecrow" serving the first of 45 years in federal prison for the biggest medical scam in American history, in which he robbed the medical system of $34 million, and administered chemotherapy to over 500 people who did not need it. That's enough for the AMA, CDC and FDA to "call it a day."

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The Whole Truth about Whole Foods

Palestinian Children Bullied by Israeli Soldiers

Former Marine Exposes the Ugliness of U.S. Wars

Guilt-ridden ex-Marine gives the audience a dose of the realities of war.

General's Glorification of War at Democratic Convention

Hawaii Political Info introduction: On the last day of the Democratic National Convention, retired four-star Marine general John R. Allen talks up waging our never-ending wars, part of the plan that Aaron Russo exposed many years ago, but is largely forgotten today. The audience responded in a fervor of patriotism. (The audience was filled by mysterious people, rumored to be paid actors [an unproven allegation], who filled the many empty DNC seats. Witnesses said that the Sanders delegates who had gone outside to protest and even those who went to the bathroom were not allowed back in to take their seats again. They were replaced with people more to the DNC's old guard liking.)

So far other peoples, not Americans, have paid by far the largest price in suffering and lives lost of our profit-motivated wars. Is our time coming, when we will pay the price on a massive scale?

Real Jew News

Navy Fuel Tanks Threaten Crucial Hawaii Aquifer, Say Critics

Associated Press

by Audrey McAvoy

August 4, 2016

Anthony DeLuze keeps his ancestors' traditions alive in 21st century Hawaii by growing the staple crop taro on a suburban plot sandwiched between wings of a sprawling shopping mall.

But the aquifer that hydrates his starchy vegetables sits under 20 enormous underground tanks the Navy uses to store fuel for military ships and aircraft. One tank leaked tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel into the ground in 2014, worrying DeLuze the tanks are a threat to his farm's natural springs and well.

The aquifer also supplies a quarter of the water consumed in urban Honolulu, which includes the tourist mecca Waikiki.

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