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Christopher Bollyn Interviews Roi Tov, Christian Israeli

By Christopher Bollyn

February 2, 2011

Americans are generally quite naïve about Israel and how the Zionist state really functions. The general ignorance about Israel is primarily due to the fact that most people are woefully misinformed about the Middle East having grown up consuming news and entertainment products provided by Hollywood and the Zionist-controlled media. This has resulted in a very significant part of the American population suffering from an extremely distorted point-of-view. Prior to 9/11 this may not have been a matter of great concern, but with the U.S. involved in at least two long-term wars in the Middle East, Americans can no longer afford to be blissfully ignorant about the Zionist state of Israel and its criminal network that are the root of the conflict in the region.

The Cross of Bethlehem is a remarkable book about Israel, written by an intelligent Israeli dissident who converted to Christianity and writes under the name Ro’i (Roy) Tov. Having had a career at Israel’s highest scientific institution and having served in top-secret military units provided Tov with unique insights. These experiences, however, made Tov a marked man when he tried to leave Israel and write a critical book about the Zionist state. When Tov refused to return to Israel, the Mossad targeted him for assassination.

I read The Cross of Bethlehem with great interest because it is a unique book that reveals the hidden truth about Israel. I conducted the following interview with the author at the end of November 2010. Both Roi Tov and I would suggest that you ask your public library to get a copy.

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Megyn Kelly Complete Bill Ayers Interview

Hawaii Political Info background information: Bill Ayers, known nationally as a terrorist beginning in the early '70s, is rumored to have helped give President Obama his political start, but both men have distanced themselves from that.

Further, Allen Hulton, a letter carrier who delivered mail to Bill's parents' home in Illinois, has said that sometime in the early 1990s Mary Ayers, Bill's mother, talked to him quite enthusiastically about a young Black student who was living in her home.

Hulton chanced upon Obama himself months or perhaps a year later in front of the Ayers' home and had an unforgettable brief conversation with him. Obama confidently said he was going to be U.S. President!

The Key Missing Piece in the Current Immigration ‘Crisis’ Debate

Over the past several weeks we have seen a significant increase in illegal immigration, as thousands of unaccompanied minors pour across what seems an invisible southern border into the United States. The mass immigration has, as to be expected, put an enormous strain on local resources, and it has heated up the immigration debate in the US.

Most liberals and conservatives miss the point, however, making the same old arguments we have all heard before. Liberals argue that we need to provide more welfare and assistance to these young immigrants, while conservatives would bus them to the other side of the border, drop them off, and deploy drones to keep them out.

Neither side seems interested in considering why is this happening in the first place. The truth is, this latest crisis is a consequence of mistaken government policies on both sides of the border.

In fact much of the problem can be directly traced to the US drug war, which creates unlivable conditions in countries that produce narcotics for export to the US. Many of those interviewed over the past several weeks have cited violent drug gangs back home as a main motivation for their departure. Because some Americans want to use drugs here in the US, governments to the south are bribed and bullied to crack down on local producers. The resulting violence has destroyed economies and lives from Mexico to Nicaragua and beyond. Addressing the failed war on drugs would go a long way to solving the immigration crisis.

I understand the argument of some libertarians that there should be no limits at all on who comes into the United States, but the reality is we do not live in a libertarian society. We live in a society where healthcare is provided -- often by over-burdened emergency rooms that cannot legally turn away the sick -- “free” education is provided, and other support via food stamp programs is also made available for “free” to illegal immigrants. Many even argue that they should be allowed to vote!

In a free society where the warfare-welfare state ceased to exist, immigration laws would be far less important. A free market would seek workers rather than immigrants to add to its welfare rolls. Voting itself would decline in significance. If 20 people lived on a privately owned island, for example, one owner could decide to have a guest on his property without bothering the other 19. Were we to move in this direction in the US, the current immigration crisis would be a thing of the past.

Over many years while I was in Congress, I met with scores of employers in my district who faced terrible red tape just to be allowed to bring in temporary agricultural workers who would willingly return home once the work was finished. How ironic that Americans willing to provide jobs for immigrants seeking honest work were thwarted by the same government that has now opened the door to a flood of immigrants seeking welfare and other assistance.

One thing we can be sure about: as Republicans and Democrats tussle over “reform” bills, more money will be thrown at the symptoms produced by past bad policies instead of addressing the real causes of the current crisis. The president’s $4 billion supplemental request to address the issue is a costly mix of welfare and enforcement that will do very little to solve the problem because it treats the symptoms instead of the cause. Real reform means changing a failed approach, and until that happens we can count on more expensive mistakes.


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Illegals with No ID Flying Commercial


July 11, 2014

By Cathy Burke

Illegal immigrants picked up after sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border – and then released to await hearings – are reportedly getting onto commercial planes without any ID other than "a simple paper document that anyone can easily alter or reproduce."

An outraged local spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, Hector Garza, told Breitbart News the security threat from the lax policy "is absolutely unacceptable."

"The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear [hearing] forms," he told Breitbart in an interview posted Friday.

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David Ige vs Neil Abercrombie Gubernatorial Debate

Ige and Abercrombie are both Democrats. Which one will go on to the general election to face candidates of other parties, notably Duke Aiona, Republican, will be decided in the August 9 primary election.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Ron Paul: Israel Created Hamas

Ron Paul, back when he was Congressman Paul (R-TX), testified that Israel created Hamas, and the U.S. supported and funded the radicalization of Muslims.

Gaza Spokeswoman Blasts Israel on Russia Today

Hawaii Political Info introduction: We Americans greatly appreciate the attempt from Gaza to give their side of the story, but they need a better English speaker than Isra al-Modallal from their Ministry of Information.

Israel's Mouthpiece Justifies Slaughter of Gaza Civilians

Published on YouTube Jul 10, 2014

Russia Today introduction: The head of the UN has appealed for a ceasefire in Gaza. And the Russian President has also urged Israel's Prime Minister to establish a truce. The spiraling tensions were triggered by the killing of three Israeli teenagers last month. For more on the growing crisis in Gaza, RT is joined by IDF spokesperson Libi Vice.

'Why Don't Palestinians in Gaza Stop Firing Rockets into Israel?'

BBC News

July 9, 2014

Interview with Osama Hamdan, Hamas foreign policy spokesman

Charles Djou Interview with Keahi Tucker

Charles Djou, Republican, is running for the District I congressional seat, which is being vacated by Colleen Hanabusa, who is running for the U.S. Senate. In this July 8, 2014 interview he addresses some of the issues, including whether or not the country should return to Iraq to mop up the mess there.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

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