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Police Militarization Has Produced a Murder Machine

Paul Craig Roberts

August 18, 2014

By Paul Craig Roberts

Update: Here is a report on the autopsy. The facts directly contradict the false information police apologists are sending around the Internet. Note that the Missouri governor blamed the violence on the black community, not on the police who enraged the black community by gratuitously murdering a black teenager. One reader suggested that the macho goon thug cops with their military gear should be sent to Iraq where ISIS would cut them to ribbons.

I wasn’t surprised at some of the crude comments and hatred expressed toward blacks that came from a few white male anti-immigration Republicans in response to my article Cops Gone Wild. A few were so choked with rage over a “f****** pinko-liberal-commie” who would take the side of a “black bully thief” over the police that they never read beyond the introductory comment about Ferguson. Criticizing police can ignite the same kind of hysterical hatred as criticizing the Israeli governments murders of Palestinians.

As readers know, I often emphasize that a significant percentage of the population is incapable of thought and rational response. They want to hear what they want to hear and go into a rage when they don’t. They read not to learn but to have their ignorant biases substantiated.

Perhaps this is the way Americans have always been. However, it seems to me that it is much worse today than I remember from earlier decades. However mindless Americans might have been in the past, they seem much more so today.

Indeed, the media seems to speak with one voice–the government’s. Even academic freedom has been terminated in universities. There are so many examples.

One of the most notorious examples is the case of Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were holocaust survivors. Finkelstein, who is Jewish, is a distinguished scholar who became a high profile critic of Israel’s misguided and immoral policies toward the Palestinians. The Zionist Lobby was able to reach into DePaul University, a Catholic university, and cause the cowardly president to overrule the decision of the Political Science Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel Committee, supported by the student body, to grant Finkelstein tenure.

Some suspect that the Zionist Lobby bought off the university president with promises of financial support for the university. Whether bribes were combined with threats, the university president, in my opinion, is a person devoid of integrity, and he drove a dagger through the heart of academic freedom and allowed Zionists to determine who receives tenure at DePaul University. Why parents would send their sons and daughters to such a university is beyond me.

Zionist attacks on American academic freedom are routine. Professor William Robinson of the University of California, Santa Barbara, tells the story of his experience with the Zionist Lobby on

The Zionist Lobby’s unethical and immoral tactics create massive hostility toward Jews in general. From time to time I receive emails upbraiding me for refusing to blame everything wrong in the world on Jews. The extremism of Zionists prevents many critics of Jews from recognizing the fact that the strongest, most moral voices against Zionist extremism come from Jews themselves including some Israeli citizens and the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

Jewish critics of Israel’s behavior cannot be called “anti-semites.” The Zionist Lobby invented a new term for Jews afflicted by a moral conscience—”self-hating Jew.”

The Zionist Lobby with its ridiculous “enforcement organizations,” such as the ADL, by misusing the “anti-semite” accusation have made “anti-semite” and “self-hating Jew” badges of moral honor. Once upon a time “anti-semite” referred to a person who disliked Jews in general and perhaps wished harm to be inflicted on every Jew. Today “anti-semite” means a person who objects to illegal and immoral policies of the Zionist state, the government of which does not speak for all Jews or even for all Israelis.

Zionists focus on silencing their critics because Zionist policies cannot stand examination.

We see a similar response on the part of many Americans who rush blindly to the defense of the police whenever psychopaths with badges murder a black, a hispanic or a homeless person.

The gratuitous violence employed by police is no more justified than the gratuitous violence employed by the Israeli military toward Palestinians. “Law and order conservatives” confuse police accountability with the coddling of criminals and terrorists. They are unable to comprehend that unaccountable police are a greater threat to them than are criminals without badges.

This brief video, sent by a reader, shows how the militarization of US police has produced a murder machine.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts 2014

About Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments and his Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Czech Immigrant Runs for Hawaii House to Protect Our Rights

Emil Svrcina, originally from the Czech Republic, which was part of Czechoslovakia when he was there, believes strongly in the light on the hill that the U.S. once was. He is running for Hawaii House District 37 (Mililani, Waikele) as a Republican. The incumbent is Ryan Yamane, Democrat.

In a campaign letter to his district residents mentioning the above interview, Emil wrote in part:

"We are experiencing real dangers in the world and our government is not reacting satisfactorily. There is a influx of immigrants in numbers that are overwhelming our ability to assimilate them. Many of them are sick with diseases that have been nearly eradicated in our country. The ebola outbreak is spreading and our ability to cure it has statistically low rate of success. We are warned that there is a possibility of another 9/11 type attack. With our open borders, terrorists are infiltrating with legitimate refugees. The recent news of an Army General being killed in Afghanistan continues to bring bad news home.

"Our children are getting out of schools deeply in debt, with few employable skills, and with no job in sight. The silence from our Democratic leaders is deafening. They seem bewildered about what to do. The are turning Hawaii into another Detroit with overspending; New York City and Hong Kong with their high rises spoiling our views; and Chicago with the rail eyesore and noise and the increasing crime rate. They are changing our tropical paradise into an urban ghetto.

"The Clear Choice is yours.

"Vote for a continued slide into poverty and show weakness to our enemies which entices them to attack us;


"Vote for a man of action and substance who will work to establish policies that improve the economy, schools and provide peace in our state and throughout the world.

"In this life, nothing lasts forever, neither this year's campaign nor your opportunity to stand up with me and show all Hawai'i and the world, that your vote makes a difference. To bring positive change to our community, you must get involved now. Once the election is over, if number of your votes is not enough, we will have to wait another two years to turn the tide from same downward trends in the economy, education, and healthcare. Vote for prosperity and merit. The status quo is not good enough.

"Please don't forget what happened here 238 years ago as I have shared."

Here's the entire 44-minute interview with Kelii Akina:

Obama Goes after Times Reporter Risen, Tramples First Amendment

The Real News

August 14, 2014


Colleen Hanabusa's Letter to Chief Elections Officer Asking for Postponement of Puna Election

Hawaii Attorney General David Louie was seen at the campaign headquarters of Senator Brian Schatz on election night. In this letter Hanabusa requests that he not be involved in legal advice received by the Office of Elections until after the general election.

August 12, 2014

Dear Mr. Nago:

Please consider the residents of Puna, Hawaii who are still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle. Today, many in House District 4 remain without water or electricity, encounter roads that are still inaccessible or blocked by debris, have limited means of communication, and are struggling to put their lives and homes back together.

Should the proposed election proceed, voters in precinct 4-01 would not have access to a polling location in their precinct, as the State has called for the consolidation of precincts. Considering humanitarian and travel conditions, this is an unfair burden to put on the voters of precinct 4-01.

In addition, the damage from this natural disaster was not isolated to the two precincts in House District 4 that were closed on Saturday August 9, 2014 – Precinct 01 and Precinct 02. Although open to the public, I have learned that residents were unable to access Precinct 03 and Precinct 04 on Saturday August 9, 2014 because the local roads to and from their homes, miles away from the precincts, were inaccessible.

The issue is nonpartisan. To ensure a full and fair opportunity for each person to exercise their right to vote, and to allow the residents of Puna time to get back on their feet and restore the basic necessities of life, I respectfully request that the Office of Elections:

(1) Delay the announced primary election on Friday August 15, 2014 for the precincts in House District 4 that were closed on Saturday August 9, 2014 – Precinct 01 and Precinct 02 until such time that they can vote at their usual and normal polling location; and

(2) Reopen voting for those voters who, because of the extensive damage or blocked roadways, were unable to access the two precincts in House District 4 that were open on Saturday August 9, 2014 – Precinct 03 and Precinct 04.

To proceed with the announced election on Friday August 15, 2014 would significantly impair the right to vote for the residents of House District 4. With blocked roads, widespread damage, and limited means of communication, there is no practical manner to ensure that all residents will receive adequate notice of the announced election on Friday August 15, 2014, or be able to access the precincts on that day.

I ask that you not rush for the sake of convenience. In our democracy, the law should be exercised to allow the fullest protections of the right to vote. The Hawai‘i statute allows for a period of twenty-one days in which to conduct this postponed election. Please use this time to put the needs of the Puna residents ahead of the election.

Finally, to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest, I request that the Office of Elections seek independent legal counsel apart from Attorney General David Louie, who was witnessed in person on election night at the campaign headquarters of U.S. Senator Brian Schatz.

To ensure unbiased counsel through the remainder of this election, the Office of Elections should not continue to receive legal advice from Mr. Louie who may have the appearance of conflicting roles in advocating for a candidate on one hand, yet attempting to offer independent counsel to your agency on the other hand. If Mr. Louie was involved or consulted for the decision to schedule the election on Friday August 15, 2014, I request that the Office of Elections revisit this decision along with independent counsel.

I look forward to your prompt response.


Colleen Hanabusa

cc: Office of the County Clerk, County of Hawaii

91-Year-Old Dutchman Honored by Israel Returns Award

What Did We Accomplish in Iraq?

August 17, 2014

We have been at war with Iraq for 24 years, starting with Operations Desert Shield and Storm in 1990. Shortly after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait that year, the propaganda machine began agitating for a US attack on Iraq. We all remember the appearance before Congress of a young Kuwaiti woman claiming that the Iraqis were ripping Kuwaiti babies from incubators. The woman turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and the story was false, but it was enough to turn US opposition in favor of an attack.

This month, yet another US president – the fifth in a row – began bombing Iraq. He is also placing US troops on the ground despite promising not to do so.

The second Iraq war in 2003 cost the US some two trillion dollars. According to estimates, more than one million deaths have occurred as a result of that war. Millions of tons of US bombs have fallen in Iraq almost steadily since 1991.

What have we accomplished? Where are we now, 24 years later? We are back where we started, at war in Iraq!

The US overthrew Saddam Hussein in the second Iraq war and put into place a puppet, Nouri al-Maliki. But after eight years, last week the US engineered a coup against Maliki to put in place yet another puppet. The US accused Maliki of misrule and divisiveness, but what really irritated the US government was his 2011 refusal to grant immunity to the thousands of US troops that Obama wanted to keep in the country.

Early this year, a radical Islamist group, ISIS, began taking over territory in Iraq, starting with Fallujah. The organization had been operating in Syria, strengthened by US support for the overthrow of the Syrian government. ISIS obtained a broad array of sophisticated US weapons in Syria, very often capturing them from other US-approved opposition groups. Some claim that lax screening criteria allowed some ISIS fighters to even participate in secret CIA training camps in Jordan and Turkey.

This month, ISIS became the target of a new US bombing campaign in Iraq. The pretext for the latest US attack was the plight of a religious minority in the Kurdish region currently under ISIS attack. The US government and media warned that up to 100,000 from this group, including some 40,000 stranded on a mountain, could be slaughtered if the US did not intervene at once. Americans unfortunately once again fell for this propaganda and US bombs began to fall. Last week, however, it was determined that only about 2,000 were on the mountain and many of them had been living there for years! They didn’t want to be rescued!

This is not to say that the plight of many of these people is not tragic, but why is it that the US government did not say a word when three out of four Christians were forced out of Iraq during the ten-year US occupation? Why has the US said nothing about the Christians slaughtered by its allies in Syria? What about all the Palestinians killed in Gaza or the ethnic Russians killed in east Ukraine?

The humanitarian situation was cynically manipulated by the Obama administration — and echoed by the US media — to provide a reason for the President to attack Iraq again. This time it was about yet another regime change, breaking Kurdistan away from Iraq and protection of the rich oil reserves there, and acceptance of a new US military presence on the ground in the country.

President Obama has started another war in Iraq and Congress is completely silent. No declaration, no authorization, not even a debate. After 24 years we are back where we started. Isn’t it about time to re-think this failed interventionist policy? Isn’t it time to stop trusting the government and its war propaganda? Isn’t it time to leave Iraq alone?

Greek Cabbies in Dire Straits amid Country's New, Even Heavier, Taxes

Hawaii Political Info introduction:: Greek cabbies are spotlighted in this story on the devastation the worldwide economic crisis is having on them. Greece is particularly affected by the crisis, although the peoples of the US and the EU are also experiencing a major impact on their quality of life.

Unfortunately this report doesn't say where the money from the major new taxes and austerity measures is going. It is being sucked up to benefit the international banks and their consortiums which are run by Jews. Nor does the story mention who is designing the taxes and austerity measures imposed on the Greeks—again, the international banks and their consortiums, such as the IMF.

But Russia also is subject to Jewish interests, although perhaps not to the degree of the US and the EU—at least for the time being.

The troika frequently mentioned in this report, but never defined (why not?) is the European Commission (EC), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB).


Russia Today introduction: Greek taxi drivers are up in arms against heavy new taxes, as the country’s workers endure massive unemployment and painful austerity. With widespread discontent, they say that their government has failed them. RT's Marina Kosareva reports from Athens.

Published on YouTube by Russia Today Aug 17, 2014


Tracing America’s Enslavement To Jewish Bankers [RealJewNews] Jun 14, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts' Best Interview

Dr. Roberts says that among all his interviews, this one with Andrew Mazzone is the best.

August 16, 2014


Schatz Still Ahead of Hanabusa after Yesterday's Vote

Margin continues to be less than 1 percent.


By Web Staff, Nestor Garcia, Manolo Morales and Gina Mangieri

August 15, 2014

Despite several setbacks in the primary election process, Sen. Brian Schatz has won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat.

After the first printout Friday night, Schatz received 115,397 votes or 48.5% versus challenger Rep. Colleen Hanabusa’s 113,628 votes or 47.8%.

The second and final printout included eight absentee ballots that were dropped off in-person Friday. Four were for Schatz and four were for Hanabusa. The previous tally listed 12 ballots, but four were not valid, according to officials.

Read more & watch the videos . . .

Jews and Organized Crime

The leading role played by Jews in organized crime has long been suppressed in the U.S. and worldwide by the Jewish-dominated press and Hollywood. Prominent "mafia" kingpins Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel (first name Benjamin), among numerous others, were Jews.

David Duke explains the appalling situation, saying even Julian Assange, who has shown strong support for Jews in the past, said that The New York Times and other mainstream media sources have refused to publish information from WikiLeaks showing Israel and Jews in a bad light.

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