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Pharmaceuticals CEO Defends Price Gouging

Turing Pharmaceuticals bought another pharmaceutical company, proprietor of AIDS drug Daraprim, then raised the price from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Founder and CEO Martin Shkreli, who founded a hedge fund in his 20s, defends himself on CNBC.

Write-up of interview on YouTube


Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight Other drugs have skyrocketed in price, but not as much as Daraprim [The New York Times] Sep 20, 2015

2013 police report on Martin Shkreli

Watch It! Siri and A.I. Helpers May Broadcast All Your Secrets!

September 12, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Siri and A.I.helpers are super convenient for users providing direct access to their personal data and storing the information they search for. However, all these devices are sparking concerns over people's privacy.

GOP September 16, 2015 Debate, Lower Tier

Featuring the lower tier of 15 candidates: Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Rick Santorum.

Transcript [CBS News]

GOP September 16, 2015 Debate, First Tier

Published on YouTube Sep 16, 2015

GOP presidential debate, September 16, 2015, top tier. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rand Paul, and Chris Christie.

Transcript [CBS News]

Farrakhan Says Jewish Leaders Demanded that He Denounce 'Secret Relationship' Book

Published on YouTube July 15, 2010

YouTube introduction: ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan revealed details of a meeting with Jewish leaders who demanded that he denounce the book, "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews". For the complete video of the July 11, 2010 speech, go: For information about the book, "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" go:

GMO Companies Work with Academics in PR Wars

University of Florida scientist's expenses paid for trip to Hawaii to testify at public hearing for GMO, where he said he had not been personally compensated for his testimony.

The New York Times

September 5, 2015

At Monsanto, sales of genetically modified seeds were steadily rising. But executives at the company’s St. Louis headquarters were privately worried about attacks on the safety of their products.

So Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, and its industry partners retooled their lobbying and public relations strategy to spotlight a rarefied group of advocates: academics, brought in for the gloss of impartiality and weight of authority that come with a professor’s pedigree.

“Professors/researchers/scientists have a big white hat in this debate and support in their states, from politicians to producers,” Bill Mashek, a vice president at Ketchum, a public relations firm hired by the biotechnology industry, said in an email to a University of Florida professor. “Keep it up!”

Read more . . .

Israel May Be 3rd Largest Nuclear Power in the World: Ellsberg

Meaning they would be lagging behind only the U.S. and Russia

Fourteen Years since 9/11

Paul Craig Roberts

September 10, 2015

By Paul Craig Roberts

Millions of refugees from Washington’s wars are currently over-running Europe. Washington’s 14-year and ongoing slaughter of Muslims and destruction of their countries are war crimes for which the US government’s official 9/11 conspiracy theory was the catalyst. Factual evidence and science do not support Washington’s conspiracy theory. The 9/11 Commission did not conduct an investigation. It was not permitted to investigate. The Commission sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. Afterwards, the chairman and cochairman of the Commission said that the Commission “was set up to fail.” For a factual explanation of 9/11, watch this film:

Here is a presentation by Pilots For 9/11 Truth:

Here is an extensive examination of many of the aspects of 9/11:

Phil Restino of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace wants to know why national antiwar organizations buy into the official 9/11 story when the official story is the basis for the wars that antiwar organizations oppose. Some are beginning to wonder if ineffectual peace groups are really Homeland Security or CIA fronts?

The account below of the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory reads like a parody, but in fact is an accurate summary of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. It was posted as a comment in the online UK Telegraph on September 12, 2009, in response to Charlie Sheen’s request to President Obama to conduct a real investigation into what happened on September 11, 2001.

The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this:

Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah. ??Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes.

And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defence system the slip.

Unfazed by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely. ??

The laws of physics fail, and the world watches in awe as asymmetrical damage and scattered low temperature fires cause steel-framed buildings to collapse symmetrically through their own mass at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

Despite their dastardly cunning and superb planning, they give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the destruction of steel and concrete and fall to the ground where they are quickly discovered lying on top of the mass of debris.

Meanwhile in Washington

Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a jet airliner. ??Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little. Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the Pentagon. Without ruining the nicely mowed lawn and at a speed just too fast to capture on video.

In the skies above Pennsylvania

Desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that would not be possible until several years later.

And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, the airliner crashes into a Pennsylvania field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants except for the standard issue Muslim terrorist bandana.

During these events

President Bush continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class of primary school children.

In New York

World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously.

In Washington

The Neoconservatives are overjoyed by the arrival of the “New Pearl Harbor,” the necessary catalyst for launching their pre-planned wars.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts 2015

About Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments and his Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Newly Released Analysis of Campaign Contributions Shows All City Councilmembers Bought and Paid For

Kioni Dudley, Ph.D.

All councilmembers beholden to Honolulu Rail and D.R. Horton's Ho’opili development

by Kioni Dudley, Ph.D.
President, Friends of Makakilo, Inc.

September 8, 2015

The Friends of Makakilo, Inc. has investigated the campaign contributions of all city councilmembers for the period January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2014 and determined that all councilmembers received a great number of donations from entities that would profit directly from approval of the Ho’opili/Rail project. (Although the Ho’opili farmland can thrive with the Rail crossing it, as it does today, in the minds of the councilmembers and members of the construction industry Ho’opili and Rail cannot survive without each other. Thus we researched donations from both Ho’opili and Rail construction donors.) The lowest amount received by a councilmember was 40% of all contributions; three councilmembers tied for highest, receiving 72%, almost three-quarters of their donations, from the construction community. Chair Ernie Martin came in at 59%, which in his case was $268,000.

Name Total
Amount from
Ho’opili & Rail
Percent from
Ho’opili & Rail
Kymberly Pine $160,879 $116,801 72%
J. Ikaika Anderson $139,518 $100,668 72%
Ron Menor $ 48,405 $ 34,650 72%
Brandon Elefante $ 37,322 $ 24,292 65%
Ernest Martin $451,240 $268,017 59%
Trevor Ozawa $183,320 $104,550 57%
Joey Manahan $182,215 $ 83,512 46%
Ann Kobayashi $ 57,136 $ 24,450 43%
Carol Fukunaga $258,321 $104,565 40%

It is likely that these amounts considerably under-report the total contributions linked to those that will profit from a “yes” vote on Ho’opili and Rail, since no employer was listed for most donors, and it was not always possible to identify a spouse, relative, or employee of a principal donor.

See the attachments ["9 attachments"] below for ALL contributions. Donors connected with Ho’opili and Rail are highlighted in yellow.
We have concluded that the donations the Honolulu councilmembers have received from members of the construction community were so great that they compromised the independence of judgment and the freedom of choice that are  fundamental requirements in any unbiased, ethical, and valid vote.

Raising campaign funds is very, very difficult. Ordinary citizens just don’t give money to candidates. But unions give, contractors give, cement companies, designers and banks give. Developers like D.R. Horton, the developer of Ho’opili, gives—all of their leaders give…and their office workers give.  HART officials give; so do their employees. 

As a result, councilmembers get so much of their money from the construction community that they can never refuse them anything they want.

They know very well that if they do vote against a development project that all of that money will go to their opponent in the next election. 

In our study we included people who would profit directly from approval of both Ho’opili and Rail, since the city councilmembers are convinced that one can’t exist without the other.

So how much money are we talking about? According to our count, in the last election period, Council Chair Ernie Martin brought in $268,000, almost 60% of his campaign contributions, from people who would profit from approval of Ho’opili and the Rail.  With that much money at stake, do you think he could possibly go against them? 

Ikaika Anderson, Kymberly Pine and Ron Menor easily topped his percentage. They got 72% of their campaign donations, almost three-quarters of all they collected, from the building community. Can you imagine Anderson, Pine or Menor voting to save that farmland and against the people that gave them ¾ of their campaign chest? 

Let’s look at the other councilmembers: Brandon Elefante got 65% from builders. Trevor Ozawa got 57%. No chance they were going to sacrifice that in the next election by voting against the Ho’opili development. That’s six of the nine votes.

But the other three votes are also bought. Carol Fukunaga got 40% of her contributions from people who would benefit from Ho’opili and Rail. Ann Kobayashi got 43%. Joey Manahan got 47%. Knowing how hard it is to raise money from ordinary citizens, nobody is going to vote to save farmland and watch that money go to another candidate in the next election.

The result, then, is that every single councilmember is so obligated, so corrupted by money, that they can only vote one way.

This might be fine if the majority of the people on O’ahu wanted to see the island paved over, but the majority treasure the open space and the natural beauty of our paradise.

Before moving on, let me point out that the way the law is written, these campaign contributions are all legal. They are all reported—that’s how we found them—but it is very difficult to search them out. Councilmembers have no obligation to declare campaign contributions as a conflict of interest, no matter how much they receive. And for all practical purposes, there is no way the public would know about them.

Obviously the laws need to be changed.

The Friends of Makakilo is announcing today that we have taken our case to the City Ethics Commission.

We have asked them for an opinion on whether city councilmembers who are beholden to the construction community for between 40% and 72% of their campaign chest funds had the independence of judgment and freedom of choice to vote against the Ho’opili project. We are asking the Ethics Commission to give an opinion on whether all City Council votes approving the Ho’opili project were compromised, biased, unethical and invalid.

Further, we are asking the Ethics Commission to revisit and rewrite their Advisory Opinion #79, written in 1977, so that city councilmembers who have taken campaign donations from entities that would profit directly from their vote will be required to declare those donations as a conflict of interest before voting.

Finally, since all current city councilmembers are so completely beholden to the construction industry, we are asking for an opinion on whether the current council would be suited to vote on Ho’opili again should there be a re-vote.


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Palestinians Being Pressured Jewish Style to Leave Their Homes

Published on YouTube September 8, 2015

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