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Gretchen Carlson: Bringing the News to a New Low

Gretchen Carlson, who was recently canned by Fox News, is suing her ex-boss Roger Aisles for sexual harassment. She has publicly accused her former co-host, Steve Doocy, on the Fox & Friends news program of not treating her with respect and of being "sexist and condescending." He is not being sued by her. Here she's shown eight years ago showing little respect toward him and treating him like a sex object. He looks none too pleased.

Published on YouTube on October 1, 2007.

More sleaze from Gretchen on a news program. Published on YouTube July 6, 2016.

Russian Spy Ship Off Hawaiian Coast, Probably to Check Out RIMPAC

Undated photo of Russian spy ship Pribaltika (SSV-80)


by Sam LaGrone

July 6, 2016

Moscow has dispatched a specialized spy ship off the coast of Hawaii with the likely mission to monitor the U.S. Navy led Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercise, USNI News has learned.

A Russian Navy Bal’zam-class, “auxiliary general intelligence ship recently arrived in international waters off Hawaii where exercise Rim of the Pacific is taking place,” U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Lt. Clint Ramsden told USNI News this week.

“The ship’s presence has not affected the conduct of the exercise and we’ve taken all precautions necessary to protect our critical information.”

While it wasn’t unusual at all during the Cold War for Russian spy ships to linger off the coast of the U.S. to suck up signals intelligence information or monitor exercises like RIMPAC, the Russians have been lax in their surveillance until recently.

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International Militaries Gather in Hawaii for Massive RIMPAC Exercises

Ships moored at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam display maritime signal pennants and flags from their masts on July 4, 2016, during Rim of the Pacific 2016. (Photo: MC2 Jeff Troutman/Navy)

The Navy Times

Audrey McAvoy, The Associated Press

July 5, 2016

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii — U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott Swift said Tuesday he wants all 26 nations participating in military exercises in Hawaii to leave better prepared to respond to humanitarian crises.

Swift said he also wants participants to better understand what the best practices are for using maritime power to increase security and stability.

The admiral spoke during a news conference at the beginning of the Rim of the Pacific military drills that will last through early August. The exercises will include 45 ships, 200 aircraft and more than 25,000 people.

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Pearl Harbor Packed to Nearly Overflowing with RIMPAC Ships

July 1 aerial view. Exercises to last through early August.

Defense Video Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) description of above video: U.S. Army 3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment (3-25 AVN) Alpha Company Stingrays provide support for an aerial photo exercise of ships moored at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam during Rim of the Pacific 2016, July 1, 2016. Twenty-six nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC from June 30 to Aug. 4, in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. The world's largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world's oceans. RIMPAC 2016 is the 25th exercise in the series that began in 1971. (U.S. Navy Combat Camera video by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Benjamin A. Lewis/Released)

1,000 Pounds of Taro Stolen from Waimanalo Farm

Hawaii News Now

July 1, 2016

Nearly a thousand pounds of kalo [taro] were stolen from a Waimanalo farm just days before harvest -- and this wasn't just any taro either, but Hawaiian varieties that were being grown organically for research.

"People do different things for different reasons, so I really don't know what the motivation was. I suspect hunger was probably not part of it because they took so much. We suspect it was for sale or for an event," explained Dr. Ted Radovich, an Associate Specialist with the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Sustainability and Organic Farming Systems. Radovich oversees the organic kalo research program, which is focused on understanding how crop yield and quality can be optimized in agricultural systems that reduce reliance on conventional chemical inputs and increase use of ecological farming practices.

Radovich says sometime overnight on Monday, June 23, thieves made off with more than 700 pounds of taro. Just two weeks prior, he says another 300 pounds were stolen.

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1948 Newsreel Says Auschwitz Dead 300,000, not 4,000,000

Hawaii Political Info introduction: The number of dead at Auschwitz was given at one point as 4,000,000 and commemorated on a plaque at the site. That was later revised downwards to 1,500,000 as these two Auschwitz plaques show. Notice that the plaques don't claim the dead were all Jews.

However, the total Jewish dead given by Jews and the mass media they control remains 6,000,000. It is against the law to say otherwise in upwards of 14 countries, including Germany, France and Canada. In fact Jews have used the 6,000,000 figure for Jewish victims from various calamities since well before Hitler and WWII.

The following 1948 German newsreel has English subtitles. Should you, like most in Hawaii and across the U.S., not speak German, you may wonder about the translation accuracy of that 300,000 figure. This can easily be checked for yourself because the German narrator clearly says "dreihunderttausend" (300,000) twice. The second time it is followed by "Opfer" (victims).

On July 4th Demand Freedom, Don’t Celebrate The State

by Ron Paul

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the July 4th holiday we should remember that we are not celebrating the state, but rather commemorating an act of secession from an oppressive government. We are celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain – a daring move by the Founders inspired by a desire for liberty.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” That does not only mean that we should be prepared to defend against foreign invaders. Perhaps more importantly it means that we must retain the lessons from the original American revolt and guard against a government that views the people as the enemy.

We are familiar with the great observation from essayist Randolph Bourne that “War is the health of the state.” But Bourne further explained that, “if the State's chief function is war, then the State must suck out of the nation a large part of its energy for its purely sterile purposes of defense and aggression. It devotes to waste or to actual destruction as much as it can of the vitality of the nation.”

War benefits the special interests. It benefits the military-industrial complex. It benefits the neocons whose “expertise” always leads to disaster. It benefits the mainstream media. It benefits the wealthy. As Bourne said, it sucks the productive parts from the economy and concentrates them in the hands of the state for destructive purposes.

It is often said – and surely it will be repeated many times today – that our nation’s wars have preserved our freedoms. That is not true. Aside from our fight to secede from British rule, America’s wars have one-by-one diminished our freedoms. They have not been fought to bring us liberty, but have most often been fought at the behest of deceitful and evil people to no benefit but their own. Thousands have died in vain on the lies of the war-promoters. Much of our freedom has died as well.

We should ask ourselves whether the last 15 years of the war on terror have benefited the rest of us. Are we safer? More free? Is any end in sight?

No to all the above. In our age of undeclared war, we are also in perpetual war. Trillions of dollars have been spent and millions of lives lost to no benefit. Instead, we are mired ever deeper in the Middle East. Drone attacks proceed at the same pace. We are “pivoting” to Asia not with friendship but with warships. And some fools even think it’s a good idea to try to provoke Russia into World War III!

At home the government uses the threat of terrorism to further gut the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments. Yet in the 15 years since 9/11 less than 100 people have been killed by “radical jihadists” – including the recent attack in Orlando.

The state uses war to take away our freedoms. If on this 240th anniversary of the original July 4th we wish to survive as a free society we must begin to exercise some of that “eternal vigilance” against an ever more oppressive state. If the people demand change, the politicians will listen.

Copyright © 2016 by the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity


Declaration of Independence

Nullification: The Rightful Remedy

U.S. Constitution, Tenth Amendment (in full)

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

From the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) introduction: What do we do when the federal government steps outside of its constitutional boundaries? Do we ask federal bureaucrats in black robes to enforce the limits of its own power? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison didn’t think so, and neither do we. The rightful remedy to federal tyranny rests in the hands of the people and the several States. It’s called “nullification” or “interposition.” It’s an idea whose time has come.

This power-packed documentary from the Foundation for a Free Society and the Tenth Amendment Center features Thomas Woods, Michael Boldin, Debra Medina, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Richard Mack, Charles Goyette, Kevin Gutzman, Robert Scott Bell, Mike Maharrey and others. In it we explore the history of state nullification, the constitutional legitimacy of the idea, and how nullification can be used today to push back against the encroachment of federal power.

The Genesis of the Film:

We began filming Nullification: The Rightful Remedy on September 4th, 2010 at the Fort Worth, Texas Nullify Now event. This was the first stop of what would eventually be an eight-city tour that ran from the Fall of 2010 to the Spring of 2011. What initially began as just an idea to document the event itself soon developed into the concept of a feature-length documentary covering the history of nullification and the re-emergence of nullification today.

Jason Rink, Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society and Michael Boldin, Executive Director of the Tenth Amendment Center, discussed the idea for a feature-length film shortly after the Fort Worth event. The Foundation for a Free Society, a national sponsor of the Nullify Now Tour, decided to move ahead with the project. Jason Rink and John Bush began interviewing many of the event speakers and key state representatives and senators who were pushing significant pieces of nullification legislation.

The finished version of the film is the most comprehensive documentary on the subject of the Tenth Amendment and Nullification, which is truly an idea whose time has come.

Knesset Uproar after Arab Deputy Calls IDF Soldiers 'Murderers'

Some Jews can't handle the truth.

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton Met for Half Hour

Attorney General Lynch denies discussing Hillary's Benghazi and email legal troubles with her husband Bill, saying they talked about grandchildren and golf.

Paul Craig Roberts writes about the meeting, "Powerful Interest Groups Have Triumphed Over The Rule Of Law."

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