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Informing Hawaii's voters

Rubio and Trump Talk about Small Hands

This gives a good idea of what the American people are up against when it comes to their choice of presidential candidates.

The Pitfalls of Hawaii's Renewable Energy Plan

James Taylor, Senior Fellow for Environment & Energy Policy at the Heartland Institute, dismantles the argument that renewable energy is more environmentally sustainable than fossil fuels and shines some much needed light on the ramifications that Hawaii's 100 percent mandate would have on Hawaii's business climate and its taxpayers.

Unlike renewable energy "experts" whose main motivation for their rosy pictures of renewable energy programs is lining their pockets with taxpayer money, Taylor gives us the facts in this Grassroot Institute of Hawaii talk on February 26, 2016.

Congress Is Giving Up Its Constitutionally Mandated Duty on War

While the Washington snowstorm dominated news coverage this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was operating behind the scenes to rush through the Senate what may be the most massive transfer of power from the Legislative to the Executive branch in our history. The senior Senator from Kentucky is scheming, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham, to bypass normal Senate procedure to fast-track legislation to grant the president the authority to wage unlimited war for as long as he or his successors may wish.

The legislation makes the unconstitutional Iraq War authorization of 2002 look like a walk in the park. It will allow this president and future presidents to wage war against ISIS without restrictions on time, geographic scope, or the use of ground troops. It is a completely open-ended authorization for the president to use the military as he wishes for as long as he (or she) wishes. Even President Obama has expressed concern over how willing Congress is to hand him unlimited power to wage war.

President Obama has already far surpassed even his predecessor, George W. Bush, in taking the country to war without even the fig leaf of an authorization. In 2011 the president invaded Libya, overthrew its government, and oversaw the assassination of its leader, without even bothering to ask for Congressional approval. Instead of impeachment, which he deserved for the disastrous Libya invasion, Congress said nothing. House Republicans only managed to bring the subject up when they thought they might gain political points exploiting the killing of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

It is becoming more clear that Washington plans to expand its war in the Middle East. Last week the media reported that the US military had taken over an air base in eastern Syria, and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that the US would send in the 101st Airborne Division to retake Mosul in Iraq and to attack ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria. Then on Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden said that if the upcoming peace talks in Geneva are not successful, the US is prepared for a massive military intervention in Syria. Such an action would likely place the US military face to face with the Russian military, whose assistance was requested by the Syrian government. In contrast, we must remember that the US military is operating in Syria in violation of international law.

The prospects of such an escalation are not all that far-fetched. At the insistence of Saudi Arabia and with US backing, the representatives of the Syrian opposition at the Geneva peace talks will include members of the Army of Islam, which has fought with al-Qaeda in Syria. Does anyone expect these kinds of people to compromise? Isn’t al-Qaeda supposed to be our enemy?

The purpose of the Legislative branch of our government is to restrict the Executive branch’s power. The Founders understood that an all-powerful king who could wage war at will was the greatest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is why they created a people’s branch, the Congress, to prevent the emergence of an all-powerful autocrat to drag the country to endless war. Sadly, Congress is surrendering its power to declare war.

Let’s be clear: If Senate Majority Leader McConnell succeeds in passing this open-ended war authorization, the US Constitution will be all but a dead letter.

Copyright © 2016 by RonPaul Institute.

3 Gitmo 'Suicides' Were Actually Murdered: Former Guard

A former Guantanamo guard, who says he witnessed hunger strike “leaders” being brought to a secret CIA “black site”, is accusing the agency of having staged their suicide to get rid of the “problem”. At the time, the US said the men hanged themselves.

On June 10, 2006, the Department of Defense reported that Saudi Arabians Mani al-Utaybi and Yasser al-Zahrani, and a Yemeni citizen, Ali Abdullah Ahmed, “killed themselves in an apparent suicide pact.”

“Two Saudis and one Yemeni, each located in Camp 1, were found unresponsive and not breathing in their cells by guards,” Joint Task Force-Guantanamo said at that time, adding that “all lifesaving measures had been exhausted.”

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Israelis: Do Jews Control the World?


Jews, Israel & Zionism (Collection of sources on Jewish influence, including Jewish control)

Economist Michael Hudson: The IMF Is a U.S. Instrument of Power

Published on YouTube Jan 19, 2016

YouTube introduction with a tweak or two by HPI: Michael Hudson, whom Paul Craig Roberts calls the best economist in the world, is interviewed by Roman Baudzus of Wirtschaftsfacts (Economic Facts) about the double standards of the IMF, which is an economic weapon of the U.S. State and Defense Departments. Unpaid debt is lauded if the creditor is at odds with the U.S., e.g., Ukraine and its debts to Russia. (Dec 30, 2015).

Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh Remembers the Nakba

Hatim Kanaaneh, M.D., spoke at Revolution Books in Moiliili last evening as part of his winter book tour. He is an Arab citizen of Israel and an author. Years ago he attended the University of Hawaii, where he met his wife, then went on to Harvard, where he earned his M.D. He is now retired and keeps busy writing.

His books include A Doctor in Galilee: The Life and Struggle of a Palestinian in Israel and his newestChief Complaint.

YouTube introduction:

Sep 8, 2015

In this video Dr. Kanaaneh recounts what happened to his family, friends and neighboring communities in Galilee during the Nakba or "Day of Catastrophe" when his boyhood home was invaded by the Israeli army. For Palestinians, Nakba is an annual day on which they remember their displacement that culminated with Israel's 1948 declaration of independence.

Mossad Caucus Uncovered

Israel’s fifth column in Congress caught with pants down

by Justin Raimondo

January 1, 2016

Once again, a scandal involving spying and the state of Israel is rocking Capitol Hill, with one big difference. This time, instead of the usual scenario where Israel is spying on us, the tables are turned and it’s those usually hapless Americans who have been secretly looking over the shoulder of their “ally.” The Wall Street Journal reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) not only eavesdropped on the private communications of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that

“The National Security Agency’s targeting of Israeli leaders and officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups. That raised fears – an ‘Oh-s – moment’ one senior US official said – that the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress.”

At the time, Netanyahu and his government were engaged in an all-out campaign to torpedo the nuclear agreement with Iran, and that effort wasn’t limited to using their American fifth column to put pressure on Congress and the Obama administration. Israeli intelligence planted malware in the hotel computers where US negotiators were staying during the negotiations in Switzerland: they intercepted highly sensitive inside information on the talks, and leaked it. Did they leak to members of Congress opposed to the Iran deal? It no doubt occurred to the US intelligence community to ask this question, and answering it was a matter of national security. As the Journal reports:

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How Prisons Rip Off the Incarcerated

Part 1

Transcript, Part 1

Part 2

Transcript, Part 2


Prisons (HPI collection of articles)

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